Hits the Airwaves!

Posted on December 13, 2011


As the new year approaches, we are very excited to announce some brand new opportunities for YOU!  There are additional opportunities still in the works that we will announce later, but we are excited to move ahead on these.

FIRST OF ALL – is now a part of the social networking community.  We encourage all of you who are not already members to go to and sign up in the MEMBERS AREA (left side of the home page).  This will allow you an additional social networking opportunity, as well as any future special announcements, etc., that will become available to members only.  This also helps us maintain an updated contact database. is constantly seeking new ways to promote independent songwriters, and aside from the fact that your performances on a Songwriter Stage are video-taped and uploaded to YouTube, for your marketing needs and exposure (which is how we obtained the following opportunity for you), we are pleased to announce a new partnership with: & The Force 1610AM

Coming Soon – Jeremy Dean, host of the Songwriter Stage, will begin producing a weekly half-hour radio program that will feature a Songwriter and their music, by invitation only.  This opportunity will also allow the selected songwriters to have their songs added to continued airplay rotation on The Force.

WE NEED YOUR CD’S!!!!  If you have a project of your original songs and would like to be considered for radio play, PLEASE SUBMIT TWO COPIES OF YOUR CD’S AT THIS TIME.  The Force is requesting fully-produced CD music; however, they will also begin a new program after the new year where acoustic music will also be mixed in, so feel free to send quality acoustic recordings as well.  Please send a business card or contact information with your submission.

PO BOX 90576

More developments are in the works for, and we will keep you posted.

All about the song, 

Steve McNaron
Founder of Songwriter Stage:
Songwriters perform by invitation only.  View guidelines at: