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Posted on October 14, 2013


Been awhile since I noted y’all on events and goodies…first of all, I apologize. Actually, I’ve been too busy being in love and enjoying some needed time away from the hustle and bustle of the Music City songwriter night life.

NOTE: Love is only as good as you let it be…so, TAKE TIME FOR IT. (I’m a preacher’s kid…and even I gotta say…that’s good’n deep common sense right there! But, I won’t pass the offering plate on that one…this time…ENJOY! Oh, and go buy my CD: HERE)

At any rate, I’m still doing what I set out in this town to do…songwriting!

Super excited about the new Jason Bradley project, “Dirt Road” that contains seven songs I’ve had the pleasure of writing or co-writing:

#4 You’ve Still Got It (Dean)
#5 Don’t Look At Me Like That (Dean/Pease)
#6 Every Little Piece of My Heart (Dean)
#7 She Don’t Know Jack (Dean)
#9 Whole Lotta Gone (Dean)
#12 Three Shots of Whiskey (Dean/McGeary)
#13 Something ‘Bout That (Dean)

Get your copy: here

You can also still get your copy of the Trae Edwards project “I Believed,” which came out last October. That project contains four songs I’ve written or co-written. Get your copy: HERE

In other news, Excited that the bluegrass tune I co-wrote with John J. Cash is going to be recorded by The Velvet Blue:


OUT THERE IN THE YARD (Songwriter Demo – Tracking by Buck Brown):
written by John J. Cash & Jeremy Dean
Hear my demo at this link:

I look forward to hearing THE VELVET BLUE studio version of the song soon!

OH YEAH!!!! Be sure and download my mobile app on to your smart phone too, while you’re hanging out on Reverbnation…great way to keep up with my music and shows:

Get my app: HERE

Finally, stay on top of my Songwriter Feature Series events by visiting:

Okay, well, I think that brings you up to date on the latest in my world…and I SURE DO appreciate YOU being in it! Your support is truly inspiring, and your friendship/fanship is gratefully acknowledged.